Basically, JDecker wants to make your band – or brand, for the professional side – look good.

He specializes in original hand drawn/painted art pieces and freelance graphic design aimed at the music industry while being equally versed in design for all specialized fields professionally and beyond.

30+ years of experience in street art, murals, logo designs, merchandise art, album cover art, letterform, design, typography, packaging, advertising, and so forth across a wide spectrum of clientele in the music world and art world alike, JDecker has you covered. He can produce original pieces in low-number to hi-number color or black and white print run design ready files for a wide range of needs based on original ideas and your concepts.

Specializing in logo work and letter form for bands, JDecker has singlehandedly blazed an original and unique trail with his so-called “tiny dots and lots of lines”. Seen in all of his work over the the last 30 years, most notably in the last decade or two, and finally reaching an almost self-aware status, JDecker’s ultra-detailed attention to, ironically and not, detail is something to behold.

Here’s what others have to say…

“Joshua Decker has a true talent for bringing the most challenging ideas to life. His logo work is beautiful and bizarre, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.” – Carl Skildum / Inexorum

“DeckDoggyDogg responded to my logo request within minutes. I had 5 versions of my logo ready for approval by the time I woke up. I suggest him to everyone needing logo work and his art always proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Top notch dude and top notch work. Get Deckered.” – Dr. Clinton Ross, MD

“HateWire released their first full length album (Demonic.Noise.Vomit) through Legs Akimbo Records back in 2014. The label hired JDecker to do the artwork for this release. Both myself and my bandmate were completely blown away by the sheer quality of the artwork that was produced. The full essence of both the band and this particular release were caught perfectly! When we first saw the art for this, neither of us could comprehend how fucking awesome it was. We’re still stuck on that one 3 years later… Fuck man… If that wasn’t enough, Joshua very kindly did us an awesome logo back along too. Again, he couldn’t have nailed that any more than he did! In addition, Joshua is clearly a genuinely nice bloke. I hope that one day I’ll be able to sit down with him and consume an offensively massive consignment of beer whilst putting the extreme metal world to rights! If you’re an extreme band looking for some top notch art for a forthcoming release then JDecker is clearly the man for the job and scores the full 666 points on offer here!” – Pete (aka A. Hate of HateWire)